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Lesson Information



  • Each session, except Summer has 18 lessons during the school year.

  • Rates are equal for all ages and levels.

For information about tuition fee for the 2023-2024 School-year (per 18-week session), please email me at



Students are expected to arrive on time for their scheduled lesson. Getting to the studio too early interferes with the lesson prior to theirs. And coming in too late doesn’t guarantee their full lesson time. When getting in the studio, be considerate of the student previous to you, by entering quietly and staying in a waiting room.   Parents are welcome to wait in the waiting room.

The studio is a non-smoking area. Please keep drinks and snacks to a minimum. Make sure to wash your hands before entering the piano room.



  • Young Beginning Students: 15-30 minute daily practice session once or twice a day.

  • Adult Beginning Students: encouraged to practice at least 30-45 minutes daily.

  • Advanced Students: 45-60 minute daily practice session (once a day, five times a week).

Note: Time varies from person to person. Rather than counting minutes, monitor your concentration. If your mind starts wandering, it is time to take a brake. Discipline takes practice, though. Set a time apart for home practice (e.g. before school, before dinner, after dinner), and stick to the routine.

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