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General Policies



  1. New students must arrange an interview with Kyong Hee Cho.

  2. New students may begin taking lessons at any time, and are not required to wait until the official beginning of a session (Fall, Spring and Summer).

  3. Tuition charges do not cover the cost of books, music, or other materials.



  1. During registration periods, continuing students will receive an electronic invoice.  If the invoice is not received, please call me. A copy of the invoice should be returned with tuition fee by the given due date to ensure placement in the studio.

  2. Students who discontinue private lessons during a session are still responsible for full payment of the session’s tuition.

  3. Tuition charges do not cover the cost of books, music, or other materials.



  1. Regular attendance is expected of all students. Students are charged for all lessons for which they register including those missed through student absence. Notification of inability to attend lesson does not excuse payment for the lesson (except during Summer Session).

  2. In the case of lessons missed by students, one (1) make up lesson will be offered per session if notification of absence is given by noon to the scheduled lesson. 

  3. In the event a lesson is canceled by me, a make-up will be offered.

  4. Tardiness – students who are late for a lesson cannot be guaranteed their full lesson time.

  5. No make-ups will be carried over from one session to the next. All make-ups must be scheduled and completed in the session in which they were missed.

  6. Students are expected to come to all lessons prepared. Assignments are given at every lesson .



Due to the complexity of scheduling private lessons, refunds are not available. Please take advantage of the free initial consultation and trial lesson, which offer opportunities to learn about current teaching methods.


Kyong Hee Cho reserves the right to cancel and  change time/location of lessons.

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